Hi there!  I’m Victoria Chok.

Oh, where to start.  I like to think I live two separate lives-professionally and personally.  So here’s two separate bios since I’m at a lost for words on how to combine the two:


I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science, Major in Geology in 2015.  I was active in high school’s volunteer scene and my major accomplishments include founding a charity that raised over $50,000 to rebuild a youth homeless shelter, renovation of a cultural arts community centre and building a water well in Malawi.  Even though I’ve outgrown my prime, I was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 when I was 18!

My international involvement includes being named by the British Council as a “Global Changemaker“, where I consulted with British Parliament as a youth voice for policy making and, more specifically, for the need to promote quality within public vs. private school systems.  I was also named one of thirty “Global Teen Leaders” (GTL) by the We Are Family Foundation in New York City.  I was named the world’s youngest Aspen Ideas Festival Scholar.  I am also a youth ambassador for the International Association of Volunteer Efforts and have spoken at their world conference in Australia.

I am currently working at a F500 as a financial analyst.  Stay tuned on what the future will hold!

20120311-1508-IMG_4075 SpeechDreamy GondaAspen 5British Council Reception


I’m a bit of an eccentric and if you’re into food, fitness, fashion, (and cats), you’ve come to the right place!  I was trained in classical ballet until the age of four until I quit due to injury when I was around 18.  With all the spare time I had, I took up running and fell in love with long distances!  An adrenaline junkie at heart, I’ve done races anywhere from 5k to 50 milers.

Aside from hitting concrete/trails, I am obsessed with food!  (Not sure if I eat to run or run to eat…)  I’m a fan of trying new things and and also cooking new recipes.

Did I mention I also have 8 cats?  Not for the faint of heart or allergy prone.  I used to be allergic but looks like I outgrew them.  Lucky me 🙂

635730875627565558 race_1286_photo_20007401Red CarpetLeaning copyLying Down copy2014_psls-7790

Eppur si muove. 


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